Freddy Hernandez

Junior Web Developer

Welcome to my portfolio

Freddy Hernandez

New York City


I'm a Junior Web Developer based in New York City with experience designing and developing web apps using client and server side technologies. A few of my current focuses include developing apps using Angular 2+ and React, while learning the different paradigms of JavaScript. However, I'm most interested in diving deeper into front-end technologies to enhance my skills and understanding of interactive UI/UX development. Aside from development, I play squash recreationally and have a proficient background in coaching.

Web Development Skills

  • JavaScript

  • HTLM5

  • CSS

  • Ruby

  • React

  • Angular

  • Git

  • Bootstrap

  • SQL

  • Responsive Design


Checkout a few of my projects

Application - Angular + Firebase

Squash Essentials

An e-commerse website application consisting of CRUD operational features using Firebase to help manage products and customer orders. In addition, the app operates with standard user authentication and authorization with the convenience of logging in using a Google account.

manek mathur
Professional Portfolio

Manek Mathur - Squash Professional, Producer & DJ

A professional portfolio showcasing the work and interets of Manek Mathur. The portfolio consists of a static website built on a site generator platform - Jekyll. The website uses a AWS Lambda function + an AWS Gateway API to input functionality to the contact form to conveniently send messages to Manek's email.